5 apps every work-from-home mum needs

I’m not a “techy” and I don’t claim to be. However, as I continued to grow my online business, I have found a few apps and programs that make being a working mum so much easier, I wanted to share my top 5 with you today! 

  • Planoly 

  • Planoly is the tool I use to plan out my Instagram feed. I am able to see my entire feed, add imagery, add captions and it will auto-post for me. It is seriously such a time-saver! 

  • Flodesk

  • Flodesk is my choice of an email marketing system. It’s super user-friendly and has professional and eye-catching templates that are ready for me to get started with the design. If you’re looking to start growing your email list, I cannot recommend Flodesk enough. You can get 50% off if you sign up with this link! :)

  • G Suite
  • I use Google Drive to organize all of our information and share files with my team members; it’s great because we can each log in individually to access and edit the data. I also use Google Drive to store “Favourites” folders for product images and brand photos. It’s nice to have access to my favourite images and headshots on the go so if I need to send them on to a friend, or use them for a social media post, they’re right on my phone! I love using this app & use it a LOT!

  • Shopify 
  • Shopify is crucial for running an online shop. It allows me to manage my inventory, payments, customer experience, and so much more. Now more than ever, it’s pretty easy to start and run an online business when you find the right tool and Shopify is definitely one of the systems I can’t run my business without. 

  • Canva

  • Canva is a free website that allows me and my team to create graphics, documents and design essentials needed in my business. The pretty graphic you’re seeing on this post? Canva. The IG Story graphics I use? Canva. It’s absolutely perfect for those of us who don’t know how to use Photoshop or Illustrator & definitely gets the job done!

    Do you use any of these tools in your business? Which ones? What are some of your favourite tools?



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