Winter Activities for the whole family!

With Winter officially here in Australia, we can often be at a loss with how to entertain our little ones in these cooler, darker days - so we've done the hard work for you! Try a few of our winter activities below to inspire some family fun!  

  1. Have a movie marathon! Each family member picks their favourite movie to watch in a day long marathon.
  2. Build a fort. Grab the duvets and pillows and build a fort in your living room.
  3. Bake some cookies with the kids.
  4. Set up a backyard fire pit and have a winter campfire complete with s’mores and scary stories.
  5. Wrap up warm and go for a walk in the park.
  6. Collect items from out in the yard leaves and sticks and build a nature collage.
  7. Set up a treasure hunt inside or outside with a bunch of clues for the kids to follow. Or if they’re old enough, get them to create their own hunts for each other.
  8. Dig out your old board games and challenge each other to a tournament.
  9. Make a family scrapbook or photo album.
  10. Play dress up and have a tea party.
  11. Do a good deed. Take the kids to walk the dogs at the local animal shelter or help out an elderly neighbour.
  12. Have a PJ day and read books by the fire.
  13. Get the paints out and have an arts and crafts day.
  14. Get organised! Clear through the kids unused toys and donate them to charity.
  15. Challenge the kids to put their favourite song on and create a dance routine.
  16. Make an indoor garden and give the kids their own plant to each look after.
  17. Have a family talent show!
  18. Turn off the lights for a game of flashlight tag.
  19. Play some sports!
  20. Make some feeders for the animals outside.

If you have any winter activity ideas we’ve forgotten, add them in the comments below!

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