Jackson Cutie Clip

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It's a Cutie Clip and sensory toy in one, the Jackson Cutie Clip is made out of beautiful fringe trim and is sure to keep your little one occupied for a short period of time.  Measuring approximately 6-7” long, each hand piece of trim is securely attached to a lead-free Ryan & Rose clip.  Each clip is masterfully designed with a padded insert to protect the fabric it is attached to.  Non-toxic adhesive is used to securely attach trim to the clip.  Please note, each clip is handmade in the USA using imported materials.


To clean, dip material in warm water. Use mild soap to hand wash and then let air-dry. When washing, be sure to not let the metal clip get wet. If it does, just wipe dry immediately with a cloth in order to prevent the metal from rusting.  Do not place clip in washing machine or soak in water.  Doing so may compromise the overall quality of the clip.


This is not a toy. Inspect clip before every use and discard if damaged. Do not tie around a child's neck and never allow a child to use while sleeping.

Your child should never be left unsupervised while wearing our products.  By placing an order you agree to supervise your child when they are wearing our products.  Avani + Co. accepts no liability for use, misuse or lack of supervision while using our products.